Nobile 1942

Rosa Incantevole Trio Set


I- Julie Coeur
Essential and discrete, Julie Coeur announces the presence of the wearer with grace and freshness. Opening with fresh and fruity notes of citrus, berry and melon, the heart then sings of Turkish rose, jasmine and lily, a floral bouquet which truly blossoms. With a backdrop of smooth white musk, this scent is perfect for daily wear and casual moments, imparting good cheer on every interaction.

  • Notes: Strawberry, melon, bergamot, orange, tangerine, jasmine, lily, rose, white musk 

II- Vanille
A sweet, magic formula suitable for fairytale princesses, Vanille is fruity and rich, incorporating musky vanilla, spicy cedarwood, and lovely apple for an inviting concoction bound to inspire. Fabulous all on its own, the second fragrance in this trilogy unlocks its true potential combined with the others, creating an irresistible alchemy.

  • Notes: Apple, bergamot, cedar, cinnamon, rose, cocoa, vanilla, white musk 

III- Rose Iris
A scented secret weapon, combining the richness of Turkish rose with elegant iris for a refined combination suitable for even the most formal occasion. Sophisticated wood notes and smooth benzoin only increase the profile, making true olfactive magic. 

  • Notes: Rosewood, lily, iris, jasmine, rose, sandalwood, vanilla, benzoin