Royal Crown

Oud Al Melka


A perfume that evokes the mysticism and power of silence.

A legend tells that paradise is imbued with the majestic aroma of Oud, one of the most ancient and characteristic scents of Middle East.

This woody-animalized aroma emanates oneiric spires, wrapping the wearer and transforming her or him into a temple, dedicated to the worship of per-fumum. Oud Al Melka focus in its trail Oud’s best qualities: an oud, skillfully mixed with different varieties of Sambac jasmin rose together with a trace of Grey Amber, making it, when it touches the skin, irresistibly sexy.

Oud Al Melka was created as an exceptionally feminine fragrance.

An oniric Oud, worthy of princesses and queens.

Top Notes
Cider, Sage, Saffron, Juniper, Cardamom

Heart Notes
Sambac Jasmin Absolute, Bulgar Rose Absolute, Y-Lang Extra, Moroccan Rose Absolute

Base Notes
Oud Laos, Fava Tonka, Tonkin Musk, Labdanum, Oman Gold Frankincense