BDK Parfums

French Bouquet


edp - 100ml

French Bouquet is a homage to the legacy of French perfumes in the 1970s. It showcases authentic Parisian sophistication and the capital's passion-filled nights, embodying the ultimate in French elegance. Created by Amélie Bourgeois (Flair), French Bouquet is a traditional chypre in which bergamot, rose, jasmine, oak moss and musk are revealed and sublimated by aldehydes. Their slightly oily and metallic potency gives a powdery appeal, as well as whitens and brightens the flowers in the chypre accord. 

Top notes
Aldehyde C12
Bergamot from Italy

Heart notes
Rose from Morocco
Jasmine from India
Orange blossom from Tunisia

Base notes
Labdanum from Spain
Tobacco from Cuba
Vetiver from Haiti
Patchouli from Indonesia
Tonka bean
Tonka Bean Absolute