Karin Herzog



These products work perfectly together providing deep hydration, vitamins A and E to plump, lift and open the eyes, leaving your skin smooth, hydrated and beautiful!

 The kit includes:
▪ Eye Cream, 15ml
▪ Vita-A-Kombi Oil, 15ml
▪ Professional Cleansing, 25ml
▪ Essential Mask, 3ml
▪ Additional Sweet, 3ml
▪ Small Brush
▪ Silk Towel
▪ A handy travel sized bag.

EYE CREAM Hydration & Anti-aging Enriched with gentle and nourishing vitamins and infused with 0.5% active oxygen, this cream has been specifically designed for application to the eye contour area where the skin is thinner, more delicate and prone to the effects of premature aging.

VITA-A-KOMBI OIL Anti-Aging & Nourishing Serum Lightweight vitamin A (retinol) concentrate enriched with vitamin E and a blend of plant and seed oils to nourish and plump dry skin without oiliness. Extra high retinol concentration boosts collagen production to eliminate signs of aging.

PROFESSIONAL CLEANSING Cleanser & Makeup Remover
Professional grade, dual action cleanser and highly effective makeup remover that successfully removes impurities while simultaneously conditioning the skin.

Skin Types All.