Karin Herzog



No-one likes to have cellulite, allow us to help you banish cellulite and leave your body looking smooth, flawless and ready for Summer with a few of our body product favorites.

▪ Active oxygen breaks down irregular fat deposits.
▪ Reduces water retention and leg circumference.
▪ Fights stretch marks, tones the skin.
▪ Increases nutrient absorption and deeply hydrates.
▪ Vitamin B12 & green tea boost body own metabolic function.
▪ Flushes toxins and broken up fat deposits.
▪ Removes dead and dull skin cells without irritation or abrasion.
▪ Refines skin texture and gently polishes the skin.
▪ Prepares for a smooth application of self-tanners or bronzers.

The kit includes:
• Silhouette, 150ml
• Tonus B12, 150ml
• Shower Body Scrub, 150ml
• Large Brush
• Travel Bag

SILHOUETTE Award Winning Anti-Cellulite Cream. The ultimate cellulite fighting 4% active oxygen body cream! Clinically proven to reduce cellulite and fatty deposits.

TONUS B12 Toning & Firming Cream. Unique firming and draining body cream formulated with energizing vitamin B12, organic green tea and sesame, avocado, jojoba and jasmine oil.

SHOWER BODY SCRUB Luxury Body Exfoliator Uncover healthy, glowing skin with this high-performance exfoliator formulated with premium white marble powder, vitamin E, jojoba, almond and apricot oil.

Skin Types All.