Nobile 1942

The year was 1942. With the war at his doorstep, a man decided to start a new business at the nerve center of a nation in turmoil: Rome.

The name Umberto Nobile grew synonymous with luxury fragrances as he pursued his lifelong vocation as a master of scents. Over time, the Nobile family sought inspiration in products and quality standards throughout Europe, while keeping in touch with the Italian tradition of expert craftsmanship in fragrances, gold jewelry, and leather.

For generations, they celebrate the world-famous Italian style that so many strive to imitate. Then with the arrival of the new millennium, Massimo, Umberto's heir, took the torch to honor the family's good name.

Driven by a love for all things beautiful, a passion handed down from father to son, Massimo evolved the brand with great conviction and style. On a quest for the highest quality standards, Nobile 1942 is composed of sensations, seduction, and intuition.

Rooted in Italy, a land of great artistic traditions, Nobile 1942 now proudly stands all over the world with a sense of curiosity about other customs, lifestyles, and cultures.